Brewing The beers at Brutopia are all-natural, traditionally brewed ales. The brewing system is a single infusion mash system; this means that we allow the naturally occurring malt enzymes to produce the raw materials our yeast needs to make beer. Our malt is mainly Canadian with British specialty malts added for specific colours and flavours. Our hops are from the U.S. with Goldings Leaf hops from the U.K. for dry-hopping (I.P.A.). All our water is filtered and the brew water is adjusted to aid our malt enzymes. Our yeast is a traditional ale yeast which we maintain and continually reuse; the present yeast has been in use for 8 years and over 1000 batches. We have 8 house beers on tap, 5 which remain year round and 3 that change with the season.


The 5 classics: I.P.A. An amber beer with lots of malt flavour, a fruity body and a pronounced hop finish. This is a traditional ale style, originating in Britain. The darker malts and high hop levels were used to help preserve the beer on the voyage to India. Honey beer A golden ale with the distinct flavour of Quebec wildflower honey. Nut Brown Ale A dark brown beer with hints of chocolate and dark fruit. The particular hopping gives this beer its “nutty” quality. Extra Blonde A pale ale with a unique character coming from the Munich malt used. Raspberry Blonde A fruity blonde ale which combines a large raspberry aroma with a milder fruit taste.


Blackout Stout black, smooth, lots of roasted malts.
Chocolate Stout real chocolate added to this beer.
Cherry Wheat local cherries added, unfiltered
Porter ruby colour, smooth and bitter
Smoked Porter uses smoked malt, gives a bite
Cream Ale smooth and malty
Maple Rousse red beer with hint of maple syrup
Maple Cream red, smooth, hint of maple
Ginger Ginger root adds spicy nature
Dreadnought Unfiltered, naturally carbonated, strong IPA, dry-hopped for an intense hop aroma.
No.44 Export ale with a fruity body and long finish.
Centurion A strong ale with a full body, hints of dark fruit and chocolate and a complex hop flavour. This beer has a long slightly astringent finish with a warming sensation from the elevated alcohol content.


Golden Wheat Dark Wheat
Mild Nigerian
Zero-G Maibock
Rocket Fuel Imperial Stout
Rice Beer Rousse
Frosty Morning Powerful Porter
American Wheat Steam Beer
Spice Beer Rye Beer
Mocha Stout Great Plains Wheat
Dragon’s Eye Chocolate Porter
Solstice Amber Ale
Winter Ale Ginger Wheat
Oatmeal Stout Ginger Cream
Vanilla Cream Dark Cherry
Frisky Business Horny Toad
Bitter Blonde Dark IPA
Bioblanche Dusk
Harvest Ale Blanche
Citrus Cream Pale Rider
Wheat Oastie Cream Lager
Dark Pils Wee Heavy
Pilsner Bitter
Belgian OR
Hops Chocolate Wheat
Crisp Rye.P.A.
Grizzly Stinger
Smooth Flagstone